Future Southampton

Bitterne Precinct Improvements

    • Bitterne Precinct 2

    Bitterne Precinct 2 - Photo Credit: BBLP

    • Bitterne Precinct 1

    Bitterne Precinct 1 - Photo Credit: BBLP

    • Bitterne Precinct 3

    Bitterne Precinct 3 - Photo Credit: BBLP

    • Bitterne Precinct Finished Design

    Bitterne Precinct Finished Design - Photo Credit: BBLP

The Bitterne Precinct improvements were completed in Spring 2017 and have dramatically transformed the space into a bright modern open space, lined with trees. The scheme removed overgrown planters, installed new drainage and replaced broken concrete paving with a solid surface imprinted and coloured to look just like paving.

The design’s priority was to reduce the high number of trips and falls and the new surface achieves this as it will not crack and lift like paving and can better withstand being overrun by vehicles for the weekly market.

A wide variety of hardy new tree species were planted, chosen because they can withstand prolonged dry spells and do not mind salt from gritting in the winter.

Costs were kept down by retaining parts of the block paving at either end of the precinct and the existing play area that was in good condition. These saving allowed the council to invest in new seating and bins.