Future Southampton

Oxford Street experimental pedestrianisation

Due to damage to the pavements at the eastern end of Oxford Street, caused by vehicles parking and overrunning the paving, Southampton City Council implemented a six month trial closure and pedestrianisation of Oxford Street east of John’s Street from Spring 2017 (See map). Following a review of feedback this was deemed successful and has now been made perminent.

During the trial businesses on Oxford Street asked the council if they could extend the pedestrianisation to include all of the paved part of Oxford Street up to the junction with Latimer Street. Following informal consultation with residents the council has agreed to a second trial pedestrianisation that is planned to begin Spring 2018.

This second trial has a timed closure where the street is open in the mornings until 11am for deliveries but closed in the afternoon and evening when footfall increases. 

Also in response to feedback a new 20mph speed limit is being proposed for Oxford Street, Latimer Street and John's Street to address concerns about speeding at night. There are also some parking changes proposed to the end of John's Street so that there is a no-parking area to allow vehicles to turn around when Oxford Street is closed. (See map).

    • Oxford Street phase 2 consultation map

    Oxford Street phase 2 consultation map - Photo Credit: BBLP

Installing new bollards

The highways services team will work around the timed closure for Oxford Street to install the new bollards that will create the pedestrian area. The bollards across Oxford Street will be lockable drop down bollards to allow for the street to be opened at the agreed times.

Monitoring and review

The experimental closure is planned to be monitored for six months when informal questions and comments can be asked by emailing Actionline@southampton.gov.uk. Formal objections must be made by emailing to traffic.orders.legal@southampton.gov.uk.