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Southampton's Station Quarter

The vision for Station Quarter 2018

With six million trips made annually through Southampton’s Central Station, investment at this key point of arrival will help to leave a positive impression on visitors to the city. For those just passing through, we’re confident this snapshot of Southampton will entice visitors back to the city, keen to discover what else is in store. 
The Station Quarter should be a place to refresh, unwind, meet, do business and go places...a place that people already enjoy, and one that can only improve.

What is the latest update for Station Quarter?

Work to improve Kingsbridge Lane that connects the Station Quarter with the City Centre and Cultural Quarter was completed in February 2018.

You can see the scheme design here. You can also take a vertual walkthrough here and see plan watch a time lapse video of the mural being painted

Station Quarter (North side)

Station Quarter (North side) improvements were completed in 2015 and have dramatically transformed the the area on the north side of the central station creating a fitting arrival destination for a city the size of Southampton. 

Improvements included

  • pedestrianisation of the station's forecourt (north)
  • a new drop off point and station access/egress
  • new bus and taxi interchange
  • new cycle storage for 140 bicycles
  • new seating and lighting
  • redevelopment of the public space.
  • creation of an amphitheatre style events space
  • enhanced disabled access facilities 
  • disabled parking

Read more about these phases.

A new heritage art installation is now in place: 'Canal Shore' depicts the history of the Station Quarter throughout its time as a transport hub for Southampton.  Watch an interview with artist Christopher Tipping.

    • Station Quarter (North)

    Station Quarter (North) - Photo Credit: BBLP

    • Southampton Station Forecourt (North side)

    Southampton Station Forecourt (North side) - Photo Credit: BBLP

    • Blechynden Terrace

    Blechynden Terrace - Photo Credit: BBLP

    • Commercial Road

    Commercial Road - Photo Credit: BBLP

    • Wyndham Place

    Wyndham Place - Photo Credit: BBLP

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Station Quarter (South side)

In the future, major redevelopment to the south of the station, based around a remodelling of Western Esplanade and Mountbatten Way will create a new mixed-use business district. This will include offices and other commercial developments as well as new links to the waterfront and main shopping area. An initial phase of improvement work, adjacent to the southern side of the station will focus on a new arrival experience including new shops, serviced business space, new homes and a hotel. These will be located around an elegant new station square. Pedestrian and cycle routes to the city centre will also be significantly improved via a boulevard link towards John Lewis.

We are confident our impressive plans for the Station Quarter will serve as a catalyst for other developments proposed in the Master Plan; specifically further development across western gateway, linking the city centre to Royal Pier and the waterfront. Our ambition to redevelop the southern side of the station and create a central business district around a major public square will bring a range of new and exciting economic benefits to the city.

What's has happened so far with Station Quarter (South)?

A new entrance on the south side of the station, with new retail and ticketing facilities was installed, funded by the National Stations Improvement Programme (NSIP) and the city council, in June 2012. 
    • Redevelopment of south side of Central Station - indicative only

    Redevelopment of south side of Central Station - indicative only

    • Redevelopment of the south entrance to Central Station

    Redevelopment of the south entrance to Central Station

    • Redevelopment of the south entrance and atrium to Central Station

    Redevelopment of the south entrance and atrium to Central Station

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