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Southampton- the Ideal Location for Events and Promotional Activities

    • ABP Southampton Half Marathon and 10k

    ABP Southampton Half Marathon and 10k

    • Seaside In The Square

    Seaside In The Square - Photo Credit: Go! Southampton

    • Southampton Fake Festival

    Southampton Fake Festival - Photo Credit: Fake Festivals

    • May's Common People

    May's Common People - Photo Credit: Common People

    • Lets Rock Southampton on Southampton Common

    Lets Rock Southampton on Southampton Common

    • Dine High

    Dine High - Photo Credit: Dine High Club

    • Southampton Mela in Hoglands Park

    Southampton Mela in Hoglands Park

    • Southampton Slamma18

    Southampton Slamma18

    • Music in the City: Band performing at Holy Rood Church

    Music in the City: Band performing at Holy Rood Church

    • PSP Southampton Boat Show - Visitors / Mayflower Park

    PSP Southampton Boat Show - Visitors / Mayflower Park - Photo Credit: Southampton Boat Show

    • Alive and Ablaze / Guildhall Square

    Alive and Ablaze / Guildhall Square

    • Sky Observation Wheel

    Sky Observation Wheel - Photo Credit: Eventive Funtime

    • Go! Rhinos Sculpture Trail - Guildhall Square

    Go! Rhinos Sculpture Trail - Guildhall Square

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From small scale community events to large one-off national and international events, Southampton really is the ideal city for your next event. The city boasts more than 50 parks and green spaces and some of these are located right in the heart of the city centre.

The City Centre and Guildlhall Square are ideal locations for promotional activities and Brand Experiences.

The Process
It is very easy to apply to stage your event or promotion in Southampton.
First of all, it is useful to send us an  and briefly describe what it is you would like to do, where you would like to do it and when. We will then do a quick check to make sure that your proposed event or promotion does not clash with something else that is happening in the city at the same time and that the area you would like to hold your event is available and suitable.

Event and Promotions Application Form
If the area you would like to use is available and suitable to stage your event or promotion, you will be asked to complete and return an Event and Promotions Application form Please download and save the blank application form onto your PC.
Complete the form, save it and email it back to as an attachment.
The form is designed for all events and promotions, so please complete as much information as possible that is relevant to your event, you can always attach supporting information.This form is easy to complete, although if you have any questions or are unsure about anything, we are here to help.  It is advisable to keep a copy of your completed application form together with the terms and conditions for your own records. As well as completing the application form, we also ask you to send us your event risk assessment, public liability insurance details, site plan and event plan.
You can download an Event Plan template . This example will assist you in the whole planning process of your successful event. You can also download a Guidance to Emergency Planning and Incident Reporting.

What happens next?
After we receive your completed application, it will be sent to Southampton’s Events Safety Advisory Group. This group consists of representatives from the Police, Fire and Ambulance services as well as other relevant Council departments such as Licensing and Highways. Other agencies are also consulted as necessary depending on the nature of the event. If your application successfully passes through the Events Safety Advisory Group, you will be sent an Event Permit which you should keep with you for the duration of your event.

How much notice do you need?
Ideally, we would like to know about your event as soon as possible as the more notice we have, the more chance we have of being able to overcome any potential problems which may arise. As a general rule, we would normally require at least 8 weeks notice. Please note if you require to apply for a temporary road closure, Balfour Beatty also requires a minimum of 8 weeks notice. See below for more information.

How much does it cost?
The cost of holding an event or promotion in Southampton varies depending on the location, the duration and nature of the event. Costs can be discussed with you on your initial application.
Costs for a promotional site in the city centre or Guildhall Square vary, depending on the location, size and duration. Please us for more information.

Charity / Fundraising Events
If you are organsing a charitable collection as part of your event, you will need to apply for a Street Collection permit from the council's Licensing Team. Find out more about a Street Collection permit >

Do you need a Temporary Events Notice or Premises Licence?
We can advise if you will require a Temporary Events Notice (TENs) or a Premises Licence.
A TENs - depends on the licensable activities (sale or supply of alcohol, regulated entertainment* and late night refreshment) at a small event (no more than 499 people at any one time) for a short period of time. 
Find out more about TENs
A Premises Licence under the Licensing Act 2003 is required for any premises where any of the following take place: Sale of alcohol by retail / regulated entertainment* / the provision of hot food or hot drink between 23:00 and 05:00 on any day.
*Regulated entertainment is defined as:

  • A performance of a play
  • An exhibition of a film
  • An indoor sporting event
  • A boxing or wrestling entertainment
  • A performance of live music
  • Any playing of recorded music
  • A performance of dance
  • Anything similar to music or dancing

Find out more about a Premises Licence >  

Are you playing live or recorded music at your event?
Whether you’re staging music events or playing background music you’ll may need TheMusicLicence.

By obtaining TheMusicLicence you’ll be able to play PRS for Music and PPL music legally and enjoy its benefits whilst ensuring that its creators are fairly rewarded for their work

Do you need to apply for a Temporary Road Closure?
A Temporary Traffic Regulation Order (TTRO) is used to temporarily restrict the movement of traffic or impose waiting restrictions on the public highway. In order to allow sufficient time for the legal process to be completed, Balfour Beatty require 8 weeks advanced notice to arrange a TTRO.
Find out more about applying for a TTRO > 
Download TTRO Application Form > 

Do you need a Child Performance Licence?
If any children under the age of 16 are performing at your event, it is your responsibility as the Event Organiser to apply for the appropriate Child Performance Licence >  

Bouncy castles: safety advice
These simple precautions can help you avoid serious accidents, whether you supply bouncy castles and inflatables, or you are hiring one for your event.

Events and Festivals Grants

Find out more about grants to support event organisers to hold events and festivals across the city of Southampton > 

View promotional areas available via google maps >

Private events
Unfortunately due to the holding powers which govern the use of the city's parks we are unable to give permission for private events or private parties. 
Please view this web link re parks information and do's and don'ts regarding BBQs  >

If you require further information on holding an event or promotion in Southampton  please email

Southampton Community Street Closures
Want to hold a street party or a traffic-free street event for less than 500 residents or neighbours?
You can apply to close your local street to host a street party, community event or enable children to play safely in the street - see Community Street Closures >

Events and Promotions Application Form

Download an Event and Promotions Application Pack, Event Plan Template and Emergency Planning Guidance.

  • Events and Promotions application form and conditions
  • Download file

Events Support

Commercial services from Southampton City Council have reliable, professional services for event organisers in and around Southampton. They have extensive experience of delivering high quality services to residents in the city and can draw on that experience to deliver first-class services for your event including

See their leaflet below for more information or visit

Health and Safety Executive (HSE) - Guidance on running events safely

The HSE website will help organisers run events safely.
Others may also find the website useful, eg contractors, health and safety advisers and workers at events.
Good planning and organisation is essential to putting on an event that is both safe and enjoyable. For many events all that is required is to follow a basic series of steps.

Crowded Places Guidance

NaCTSO (National Counter Terrorism Security Office) is responsible for providing advice and guidance to government and industry to; protect crowded places throughout the UK from the terrorist threat, protect hazardous sites and prevent dangerous substances from being used for terrorist purposes. protect critical national infrastructure from terrorists.
The UK faces a real threat from terrorism and crowded places remain an attractive target.
Crowded places include shopping centres, sports stadia, bars, pubs and clubs and event sites which are easily accessible to the public and attractive to terrorists.

A guidance has been written to help those charged with security at crowded places mitigate the threat and help make the UK less vulnerable to an attack. Click on the Major Events section.  Find out more > 

Organising a Community Event?

Need advice on all elements of event management which you may need to consider when organising an event.
Southampton City Council has produced a short guide as a check list to organising a safe event. It includes -
Introduction to events
Planning and organising your event
Organising a team
Venue and audience
Date, times, entrance fee considerations
Site preparation and event management
Assessing the risks
After the event - a review
Useful contacts and publications

All Holding your Event & Promotion in the City: Click on a marker to find out more


0.49 miles to city centre


Bargate Street
SO14 2FT
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The Bargate is at the heart of the city.
Situated in the middle of the city centre, with the fantastic backdrop of the symbol of Southampton - the Bargate Monument. This area has proved to be popular for events and activities. The Bargate Monument building has in the past been used as an arts exhibition area and the surrounding area on the south side is pedestrianised - an ideal spot for promotional activities.

Promotional activities areas are also availblle on the Above Bar Pedestrian area (opposite the Bargate) in specific locations. This area also holds a weekly market on Fridays and Saturdays and home to the Southampton Christmas Festival in November and December.

Guildhall Square

0.14 miles to city centre


West Marlands Road
SO14 7LP
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Guildhall Square in the heart of Southampton's Cultural Quarter, is a versatile and contemporary space - a perfect setting for performance art shows, seasonal events, community activities and a unique showcase space for promotional exhibits. The Square was refurbished in 2010 and has created a unique public space for the city that comes alive with arts, heritage, entertainment, events, music, colour and dramatic architecture.

Hoglands Park

0.56 miles to city centre


Hoglands Park,
Palmerston Road
SO14 1NH
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Hoglands Park is one of the central parks in the heart of the city opposite Debenhams.
It is also used as a popular recreational area for sports and activities.

The park has been used for many events including Tour of Britain cycle race finish, Sport Relief, Mela Festival, BBC Blast Tour, circuses, hot air balloon tethering, youth festivals, sporting events and family activities.

Mayflower Park

0.99 miles to city centre


SO14 2AQ
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Mayflower Park is just one of the many parks and open spaces across Southampton providing ideal places to hold events.

Mayflower Park sits on the water's edge and is a popular place for visitors to watch famous cruise liners set sail from their home port, such as Queen Mary II and Oriana.
It is adjacent to the Isle Of Wight Ferries terminal and surrounded by popular hotels.

The park hosts the annual Southampton Boat Show as well as music festivals, firework displays, circuses, radio roadshows, sporting activities and motorsport.

Palmerston Park

0.28 miles to city centre


Palmerston Park
Palmerston Road
SO14 7FH
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Palmerston Park is possibly the most seen of the central parks, being the only point where the parks actually meet the busy Above Bar Street.

The Bandstand was built as a result of public demand and was completed in 1999. The original 1885 cast iron bandstand was sited further to the north of the park and was removed in 1940 as a result of bomb damage.

This park is a popular location for events and particular music events utilising the Bandstand and the annual Pagan Festival

Southampton Common

0.96 miles to city centre


Southampton Common
SO15 7NN
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Southampton Common is the largest open space in the City boundaries (326 acre site). It is a haven for flora and fauna and has been designated a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI), with the inclusion of the Hawthorns Urban Wildlife Centre which gives visitors the opportunity to learn about the local ecology and wildlife.

Events days are limited on Southampton Common.

This is a popular location for charitable runs and walks, home of the Easter and August Fairs, parkrun Southampton and Let's Rock Southampton 80s music event and Common People.